El Desafío Foundation is a nonprofit organisation empowering children in Argentina to kick poverty’s ass.

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Our challenge

Rosario knows 21 homicides per 100.000 inhabitants (highest in whole Argentina)
in Rosario many drugs cartels are actively trying to recruit ‘soldiers’ amongst Rosario’s youth
many children in Rosario grow up without a positive role model in their family
in Rosario 45% of the children living in poverty drop out of school
girls in Rosario living in poverty show higher chances of getting pregnant between 12 and 18 years old

What we do

By and for children

We work with youngsters between 7 and 18 years old – and their families – in the slums Moreno and La Lata in Rosario, Argentina on innovative social programs. What makes us so innovative and effective? We develop all programs together with the youngsters. Our main goal is to develop life skills so they can shape their future themselves. We created different programs, like a coding program preparing youngsters for the digital future. And a cooking program teaching them to serve the most delicious dishes with help of the best chefs of Rosario.


Local democracy

Besides our work in the different neighborhoods we stimulate social change in the rest of the city by initiatives in public space, like street art, mini-libraries and events.




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Who we are


About us

El Desafío Foundation is a Dutch and Argentinean based nonprofit organization working in Rosario, Argentina. Together with a professional staff and the help of over 200 volunteers we are helping children and youngsters who grow up in poverty conditions. We are doing this for more than 11 years with successful social programs. We fight for the rights of every child.

The economic crisis of 2001 was our starting point, and in 2005 El Desafío Foundation was officially founded as a nonprofit organization under Dutch law. For more than 11 years we devote ourselves to children and youngsters in Argentina. It isn’t easy, but we are making the difference every day.

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